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Oct 31, 2017

Guests this week: Bruce Pilato and Paul Bielatowicz.  Plus an array of spooky Halloween sounds (not including your host's voices)!  

Toccata And Fugue in D-Minor (various artist)

Tank (ELP)

Dazed and Confused (Vanilla Fudge)

You Keep Me Hangin On (Vanilla Fudge)

Boom Boom(Out Go The Lights) (Pat Travers)

MARS 21st Century Schizoid Man (The Carl Palmer ELP Legacy)

Etude Op. 10, No. 4- Chopin (Paul Bielatowicz)

Summer, movement 3 (Paul Bielatowicz)

Clair De Lune- Debussy (Paul Bielatowicz)

Mater Tenebrarum (Keith Emerson)

Suspiria Theme (Goblin) 

Oct 29, 2017

Guest this week Billy Sherwood

Push to Hard (Lodgic) 

Sense Of Freedom (World Trade) 

Sherwood Forest (Bobby Sherwood) 

One World Going Round (World Trade) 

New State of Mind (YES)

If Only You Knew(YES)

No Rhyme (Conspiracy) 

False Prophets (Billy Sherwood) 

Don't Let Go  (Circa)

Where It's Gone (William Shatner feat. Steve Vai)

Unify (World Trade) 

Valley of the Windmill (Circa)

Oct 19, 2017

Guest this Week: John and Laura Galgano, Jon Pomplin and Neil Citron

Coming Like Light (IZZ)

Bigger On The Inside (John Galgano)

Take Me By The Hand (IZZ)

Abby's Song (IZZ) 

She Don't Care (Bangtower) 

Right Hand Drive (Bangtower)

Empty World (Antoine Fafard)

Starless (John Wetton)

Thirty Years Hold Me Know (John Wetton)

Shadows (Hirsh Gardner)

Get It Up (New England)

Dance of the Illegal Aliens (Brand X)

Oct 11, 2017

Guests this week : Scott Weinberger, Reeves Gabrels, Peter Olsen

Imaginary Voyage pt.1 (Jean Luc-Ponty)

Palladium (Weather Report)

Wish You Were Her (Reeves Gabrels)

An Inconvenient Man (Reeves Gabrels)

Oblivion's Engine (Bentmen)

PCH (Bangtower)

Brian's Prophecy (Monty Python)

There and Back (Podd)

Beyond Beyond (Podd)

Intro (Brand X)

Nightmare Patrol (Brand X)

The Sheltering Sky (King Crimson)

Isis Mourning (Brand X)

Hate Zone (Brand X)

Ice Cakes (Dixie Dregs)

Oct 8, 2017

Guests : Alex Skolnick and John Ashton 


Sep 28, 2017

Guests this week: Lainey Schooltree, Thomas Palmieri, Art Griffen, and HYPASPACE

Places to Go (Tony Levin)

Overture (Schooltree)

The Abyss (Schooltree)

Radio (Schooltree)

Erosion (Circuline)

Reincarnation (Resistor)

Intransition 2 (Art Griffen's Sound Chaser)

Ascention (Art Griffen's Sound Chaser)

Red Sky at Night (Art Griffen's Sound Chaser)


Sep 22, 2017

This weeks guests Are Andre Chomondeley and David Barrett

White Car (YES)

Look Over Your Shoulder (Steve Howe)

Black Seed (HAKEN)

The Endless Knot (HAKEN)

Someday (Virgil Howe)

We Have Heaven (YES)

Sleep Walk (Steve Howe)

Surface Tension (Steve Howe)

Sonar (David Barrett Trio)

Gone Tomorrow (David Barrett Trio featuring Michael Sadler)

Coppermine (David Barrett Trio)

River of Gold (David Barrett Trio featuring Michael Sadler)

Belmonte (David Barrett Trio)

Quark (David Barrett Trio)

The Moon, I Sing (Happy The Man)

Mood For A Day (YES)

Sep 18, 2017

Guests this Week: Hirsh Gardner and Tom Fowler

Karn Evil #9 : 2nd Impression (Emerson, Lake & Palmer)

Walking Wild (New England) 

My Brain Needs A Holiday (Hirsh Gardner)

Sister Jane (Hirsh Gardner)

Shoot (New England)

Hirsh Gardner plays Live 10:00

Andy (Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention)

WORDS (Tom Fowler)

Arigato Daijobu (Tom Fowler)

Horizon's Know A Heart (Tom Fowler)

My Turn (Tom Fowler)

Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word (Various Artists)

Jul 11, 2017

Guest's this week KYROS, Matt Stevens and George Roldan

Overture (Jean Luc-Ponty) 

The Trans-Love Express (Jean Luc-Ponty)

Vox Humana (KYROS) 

Technology Killed the Kids II (KYROS)

Persistence of Perfection (KYROS) 5:11

Verbose (The Fierce and The Dead)

Palm Trees (The Fierce and The Dead)

I'm So Worried (Monty Python)

Down the Hours (Edensong)

Leviathan (The Neal Morse Band)

Jordrok (Anglagard)

Heartland (Moon Safari)

Nevermore (UK)


Jul 11, 2017

The First Rebreather  (Big Big Train) 

La C

orte Final (Nexus)

Into The Storm (Yes)

Something Very Strange (Spock’s Beard)

A Peacemaking Stint Unrolls  (King Crimson) 

Spinal Tap’s Drummers 1:03

Hells Bells (Bill Bruford)

No Me No You (Frost*)

Cusp of Eternity (Opeth)

Georgia Pine (Echolyn)

Blue Ocean (Flying Colors)

Ocean Cloud (Marillion)

Last Song (Twelfth Night) 

Victoria Pirrica (Tempano)


Jul 11, 2017
This week's guest Leonardo Pavkovic 
Welcome to the Machine (Pink Floyd)
Hearts (YES)
Arkangel (John Wetton)
Rarefied Air (Hedersleben)
16 Golden Bits (Various K-tell)
Metropolis feat. Larry Coryell (Brian Tarquin & Company)
Cigarettes (Kings X)
Sailors Tale  (Stick Men)
Third Stone From The Sun (Machine Mass.)
Duaji & Guruji (Dewa Budjana featuring Jimmy Johnson & Vinnie Colaiuta)
Janger (Tohpati Ethnomission)  
Pasar Klewer (Dwiki Dharmawan)


Jun 20, 2017

Guest this week is Stephen Speelman from Unified Past

Darkest Light (Haken)

The Wailing Wall (Flower Kings)

Termites (District 97)

Brandenburger (The Nice)

Drift (Astra)

Afterglow (Genesis)

South Side of the Sky (Yes)

Etched In Stone (Unified Past)

Under a Glass Moon (Dream Theater)

Erasure Principle (Unified Past)

Since You've Been Gone (Weird Al Yankovic)

Child of Vision (Supertramp)

Indecision (Yang)

Available Light (Rush)

Jun 8, 2017

Guest this week...Ray Weston and Scott Abene

June (Spock's Beard)

Tequila Mockingbird (Advent Horizon)

Paging Mr.Spader (No More Pain)

ChicKiss (TSK)

Affinity.Exe (Haken)

Initiate (Haken)

How-To-Do-It Lessons (Monty Python)

Perfectionist (Saga)

Sign Of The Times (Queensryche)

Ladies And Gentleman (Saliva)
Day of the Eagle)

Little Thing (Ray Weston)

This is My Violent, The Beautiful (Ray Weston)

A Dead Give Away 0(Ray Weston)

When Sunday Spills (Echolyn)

Sound of Bees (Echolyn)




Jun 8, 2017

Guests this week...Francesca Zanetta, and  Neil Citron and Jon Pomplin

Intermission (TOOL)

Jambi (TOOL)

Dell'Innocenza Perduta (Unreal City) 

Oniromanzia(Unreal City)

La Meccanica Dell'Ombra (Unreal City)

Tu Per Sempre (Plurima Mundi)

This is my Rifle (Full Metal Jackett)

Saturday Night (Neil Citron)

The One Percenters (Bangtower)\

PHC (Bangtower)

My Father's Smile (Bangtower)

Roger, Wilco N Out (Bangtower)

67 Degrees (Echolyn)

God has A Hard On (Full Metal Jacket)

Broken Man (2 Life)\

Jun 2, 2017

This week's guests... Rylee McDonald and Dan Rainone

Medley (King Crimson)

Red (King Crimson)

Hell's Bells (Bill Bruford)

Invasion Theorem (Advent Horizon)

Tequila Mockingbird (Advent Horizon)

Humboldt (Advent Horizon)

Big Bad Burrito (TSK)

Exposure (Robert Fripp)

Laser Surgery (The Jerky Boys)

Binary Annihilation Glitch (No More Pain)

Nascency (No More Pain)

Behold The Screen (No More Pain)

Cans and Brahms (YES)

Excerpts From "The Six Wives of Henry the VIII" 

Word Association (Monty Python)

Bat Out of Basildon (The Tangent)

Do U Tango? (Karmakanic)


May 19, 2017

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!  No guests this week and all songs have a mother theme to them...along with our normal on-air banter.  Enjo.

Goodbye Blue Sky (Pink Floyd)

Mother Goose (Jethro Tull) 

Your Mother Should Know (The Beatles) 

Mother People (Mothers of Invention)

Mama Frog (Ambrosia)

Red Tides (Cyndermind)

Foreign Fields (Electric Mud)

Exit 13 (Rahul Mukerji)

Mad at My Mother (Steve Martin)

Little Green (Joni Mitchell)

Mommy Leave the Lights On (The Flower Kings)

Mama (Genesis) 

Mother Necessity (Schoolhouse Rock) 

Hollow (Bjork)

Mother Dear (Styx)

Deep in the Motherlode (Genesis)

Kyle's Mom is a B**ch (South Park)

Mama Don't Understand (Ambrosia)

Mother (Pink Floyd)

For A Thousand Mothers (Jethro Tull)

Sweetness (YES)



May 13, 2017

THis week guests include Tom Hyatt and Scott Abene

Tank (ELP)

Dilate (KYROS

Khanfusion (Edge of Reality)

Horizon's Edge (Flight)

The Finkelstein Shit Kid (Cheech and Chong)

The Black Page pt.2 (Frank Zappa)

Solitary Road (Thomas Konder)

Earache My Eye (Cheech and Chong)

Black Eyed Susans (Valdez)

Driving All Night (Valdez)

Sally Won't Remember (Valdez) 3:49

Dublin Rooftops.  (Brett Kull)

This Is My My Halo (Ray Weston)

The Day I Died (Ray Weston)


May 6, 2017

Guests this week: Trey Gunn and Joey Frevola

By The Light Of Day (UK)
Presto, Vivace, Reprise (UK)
Moldy Banana Bread (Edge of Reality)
Forks and Spoons II (Edge of Reality)
Miles Away pt.2  (Keith Emerson Band)
Crusaders Cross (Keith Emerson Band)
Fugue (Keith Emerson Band)
Radio pt.1 (King Crimson)
Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream (King Crimson)
Liquid (Flight) 
Heavenly Groove (Trey Gunn)
Killing for London (Trey Gunn)
San Jacinto (Security Project)
Electrik (King Crimson)
Ignition (Keith Emerson Band) 
The Parting (Keith Emerson Band)

Apr 19, 2017

This week's guest's: Medhi Alouane, Andre Cholmondeley and not only an in studio interview with them...but also a live set by ZeroTimes Everything!

Service with a Smile (Happy the Man)
Catwalk (Oblivion Sun)
This Is Not a Drill (Todd Rundgren)
Keep the World in Balance (Medhi Alouane)
Sepultura Refuse Resist (Sepultura) 
Wilhem's Dream (Medhi Alouane)
Scrutinizer Postlude (Frank Zappa)
Keep it Greasey (Frank Zappa)
Meditation (Andre Cholmondeley)
Expensive Shit in Space (Andre Cholmondeley)
Rhythm Method Supermarket (Andre Cholmondeley)
Easter (Marillion) 
A Drug Score (Johnny Depp)

Zero Times Everything performing a Live set.

Apr 10, 2017

This week's guests...Chris Clark and Nick Jackson

And You and I (YES)
The Path Of Least Resistance (IT)
Power (IT)
Revolution (IT)
Rabble F! (Rupert Greenhall)
Sun In The Night (Brand X)
Thirty Years (UK) 
Track 1 Proto Cosmos (Tony Williams Lifetime with Alan Pasqua)
Track 5 Maelstrom (Chris Clark)
Nuclear Burn (Brand X)
Venture (extended) (YES) 



Apr 10, 2017

This week's guest Marco Minnemann!

Dukes Travel (Genesis)
Pig's Day Off (Aristocrats)
The Dumbing Of The Stupid (The Mute Gods)
Green (Marco Minnemann)
Train Check (Marco Minnemann)
Minefield (Marco Minnemann)
What is The Meaning?  (Levin Minneman Rudess)
Desert Tornado (Aristocrats) 
We Can't Carry On.  (The Mute God's)
Calling You 11 More Days (Marco Minnemann)
Sandwich (Marco Minnemann) 
50 euros (Marco Minnemann) 
Schatterspiel (Marco Minnemann)

Apr 10, 2017

JOBSON, JOBSON, JOBSON!  Nothing else needs to be said other than, a super long interview with the man himself, Eddie Jobson.

Mar 25, 2017

In studio Guest Lainey Schooltree and her band!

So much great music from UK, Dreadnaught, York Shire and more!



Mar 14, 2017

Guests this week John Vehadija and Victor McSorley


Coming Like Light (IZZ)
Ignition (The Keith Emerson Band)
The Parting (The Keith Emerson Band)
Ceasar's Palace Blues (U.K.)
Where Words Fail  (Light Freedom Revival)
Form Hope (Light Freedom Revival)
False Prophets (Billy Sherwood)
Improv II/ Love Is Green  (Guitar Circle)
the Big Fish (Victor McSurely)
St. Elmo's Fire (Brian Eno)
Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix)
We Can Lay Down (Victor McSurely)
Victor McSurely playing Live.....
Traditional Irish Folk Song (Dennis Leary)
The Mists of Dalriada (IZZ)


Mar 10, 2017

Brett Kull calls in!  What more needs to be said!


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